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FIZZY is the future of non-alcoholic infused beverages! FIZZY is produced by Journey Hemp Co., which is a subsidiary of

Clean Green Extractions, a plant-based biotechnology and pharmacology laboratory who is fully compliant to FDA cGMP

/ ISO 22000 standards and based in Orlando, FL.

Journey Hemp co. is committed to innovation, quality, and consistency. All products are tested and approved by Kaycha,

a state-of-the-art and industry leading third party testing lab who is FDA & DEA certified. Every single can has a QR code

with the lab results for that specific can! Our patent pending technology, active ingredients, and formulation expertise of

FIZZY is far superior to beer. The wellness benefits of hemp offer a better alternative buzz for those that wish to still

wake up in the morning feeling great after a night out!

FIZZY infused beverages were created to provide 21+ consumers with a top-shelf, non-alcoholic, professionally crafted,

and flavorful drink that delivers a sophisticated, euphoric, and immersive experience on demand.

Will travel out of state to you!!!

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