Have you tried pairing chocolate with aged tea? Because we think they are a match made in heaven as their flavor and texture profiles complement each other perfectly.


In this workshop, you will taste three of our teas alongside five different chocolates from Thierry Atlan that complement the teas best.


You will also learn:

  • the art of tea pairing
  • how to pair tea with chocolate
  • the flavor notes to expect from the pairing


The kit consists of an assortment of 9 specialty chocolate and the following aged single-origin teas:


Chocolate + Tea Pairing Workshop

  • 11-30 people:  $155/person
  • 31-50 people : $150/person
  • 51-100 people:  $145/person
  • 101-200 people: $140/person
  • 201-400 people:  $135/person

159 20th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States

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