Gaiwan Brewing Technique: includes an Everyday Porcelain Gaiwan and 1oz of aged tea

Tea aficionados know that loose leaf tea offers a superior taste to tea brewed from tea bags. Yet many new and long-time tea drinkers are unaware of gaiwan, a simple yet elegant brewing tea set.

During this interactive class, we will learn about

  • the history of Gaiwan
  • 3 ways to brew with a Gaiwan
  • 5 steps to properly taste tea

Enjoy the full potential of high-quality single-origin aged tea by learning to brew using a gaiwan and learn to become a tea connoisseur in this hands-on class!

Each attendee will receive a brewing kit and teaware to make this virtual team experience more memorable. Your certified Tea Sommelier will cover the history and different methods of brewing and, of course, a tea tasting experience that is both informative and fun. [Yiwu 2018] Wild Lao Raw Pu'er


Event Pricing: 

  • 1-6 people: $700 fixed price
  • 7-8 people: $105/person
  • 9-10 people: $100/person
  • 11-30 people: $95/person
  • 31-50 people: $90/person
  • 51-100 people:  $85/person
  • 101-200 people:  $80/person
  • 201-400 people:  $75/person

159 20th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States

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