When Events Are Bigger Than Business

Do you remember Live 8?

It was a series of benefit concerts taking place around the world in 2005 that were carefully timed to precede the G8 conference, an inter-governmental political forum to discuss global issues and solutions. It’s intention was to raise money to fight global poverty.

The concerts were viewed by almost 2 billion people on the planet and helped to raise over $200 million dollars, which was all donated to charity to support its cause.

But Live 8 didn’t solve the persisting problem of global poverty. 

Yet, it did inspire millions to become “woke” before it became the new cool and many off-shoot organizations to continue their efforts after the music stopped.

While it’s not the only event to exist for a cause, Live 8 remains as a shining example of what events can do when they are focused on a purpose that is bigger than their bottom line.

In times like these, we need more of such events. 

We need more Broccoli City.

More Don’t Mute DC.

More Global Citizen Fest.

And although vendors may not be event planners, they play a crucial role in making such events successful. 

Vendors aligning with socially responsible events help to give them credibility, raise funds, and draw larger audiences. 

Without vendors, many of these gatherings would not be as memorable, let alone profitable. 

We are all in Covid-19 together. 

Find an event to support that can help humanity heal. 


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