Black Vendors To Consider For Your Next Event: Week #1

In honor of Black History Month, we’re highlighting 28 black owned vendors you should consider for your next event.

Each week, we’ll feature 7 black event businesses that have services and solutions you should know about. These vendors range from chefs and musicians to digital platforms and exhibitors…and everything in between!

We believe it’s important to diversify your event team and encourage organizers to hire black vendors for more contracts and gigs. Vendorspace works to foster these vendor relationships by promoting black-owned businesses in our platform that are ready to work! 

Check out this week’s feature vendors below:

Chef David Stample
Category: Chef, Catering

chef david bhm feature 2
Vendorspace Profile:

David Stample is a trained chef and certified Reiki practitioner who believes in the healing power of food. Throughout his career, David has been guided by the idea of “culinary philanthropy,” his belief that food is a powerful medium through which we can take care of ourselves and others.

His passion for community involvement and bringing people together around the table has informed his work as a chef and culinary instructor, as well as in food banks, and other nonprofit organizations and purpose-driven food brands.

IG: @chefdavidstample

Venue 56 Event Spaces

venue 56 bhm feature

Venue 56 is a rich, elegant facility that can be used for: Weddings, Family Reunions, Class Reunions, Retirement Parties, Corporate functions, Church Services, training classes, and Concerts. Venue 56 is currently accepting bookings for the 2022 event season.

IG: @venue56es

Virtual Platform

fansub bhm feature
Vendorspace Profile:

Fansub is an all-in-one tool for fan engagement, live streaming, and event ticketing. Fansub was founded in Atlanta in 2020 as the simplest way for creators and organizers to create special, ticketed experiences for their fans — no matter where they are in the world.

IG: @fansub 

Pink Sugar Vegan Cupcakerie
Dessert Chef, Vegan, Food Vendor

pink sugar bhm feature

PinkSugar is a vegan cupcakery preparing cupcakes fresh to order! All of our cupcakes are deliciously prepared fresh to order using all-natural, plant based, vegan ingredients. We refrain from using any dairy, and animal by products in our desserts!

IG: @pinksugar

Kamon Sherriff
Artist, Illustrator, Art Vendor

kamon sherriff bhm feature

Kamon Sherriff is an Atlanta-based visual artist; painter, illustrator, and designer. Throughout his life, Kamon has always had an interest in drawing and creating. But after suffering a spinal cord injury in 2010 while in school for software engineering, he found himself with a lot more time to focus on art. After a journey into creating music, Kamon has settled into and found his purpose through creating visual artwork.

Kamon can bring

IG: @karmonsheriff

Oil On My Hands
Beauty Vendor

oil on my hands
Vendorspace Profile:

We create organic ingredient items to soothe the body and soul. Organic ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil to name a few that will help nourish and moisturize your skin with their natural properties.

Oil On My Hands’ products are handmade with love for every “Beautifully Flawed” person!   We hope that you love our organic-made to order products just as much as our family and friends.
IG: @oilonmyhands

Melas Media
Photographer/Videographer/ Audio-Visual

melas media bhm feature
Vendorspace Profile:

Melas Media, LLC. is an innovatively ground-breaking media production company created in 2010 under the Melas division of Myriad Entertainment Group, LLC. Boasting a diverse portfolio of photography, video production, and design projects, Melas Media is poised to be one of the world’s cutting edge media companies. Centered around developing captivating creative content and high definition videos with high quality special fx, Melas Media caters to all industries looking for effective and strategic marketing campaigns. From runways to mixers, we want to help you capture the moment or show people what they missed

IG: @melasmedia

Here are some ways you can support these vendors:

  • Book them for an upcoming event. 
  • Refer them to an organizer or agency that plans events. 
  • Follow, like and share their work. 
  • Leave them a review.
  • Invite them to speak, sponsor or vend at your event to find new customers/clients. 

If you are a black vendor in events or know one we should feature, send us an email at: 

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