The Ultimate Event Marketing Cheat Sheet for 2021

Its finally time to start sharing your event. All your speakers, vendors and talent are confirmed and you’re ready to go. A general rule of thumb for event marketing is to share your event on multiple platforms for more exposure. The more eyes that see it, they higher the likelihood of attending your event. 

Just one small issue, your flyer looks great on Eventbrite but its cut off on Facebook events, Linkedin Events, and just about every other platform you can think of. You’re stuck having to sacrifice which part of the flyer is more appealing to crop.  

With all that work you put in, you shouldn’t be stuck trying to fix your flyers at the last minute. Thats why we created this Event Marketing Cheat Sheet. An easy guide to help you share your flyers and event marketing assets across multiple platforms. 

Size matters with events and its easier to provide your designer with all the dimensions they need to create “ready-to-use” assets instead of “ready-to-fix” assets. This sheet list dimensions for all the important images you’ll need to share your event anywhere. 

Sidenote: There are resizing platforms you can use as well that will help you get your graphics ready (but you’ll still need this cheat sheet!). Try Snappa or Canva Pro to quickly resize your graphics. 

Vendorspace members can log in to download a free copy (Or join Vendorspace for free here!)

Hope this helps get the event traction you need. 

Happy planning!

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