Three Event Hacks to Save Money on Your Next Event

Events can be expensive. When you’re aiming to please, there’s nothing you won’t consider for your guest experience. But the price that comes with it will make you think twice.

However, there is a way to be creative and save money. Here’s 3 hacks to try for your next event:

Cancel decorations and book an art vendor.

Traditional decorations are cute but you can elevate your event experience by working with an art vendor to transform your space into an art gallery. Strategically place pieces around the venue to give a high end vibe to your event. Best part, its a win-win situation. The vendor gets to display and sell their work.

Turn your buffet into tasting stations.

Let’s face it, a buffet or even plated dinners can be a waste sometimes. Skip the heavy 4-course meals and opt for small plates with samples from your favorite food vendors. You’ll literally cut your catering budget in half. (L-I-T-E-R-A-L-L-Y!)

Use “unavailable” space for your venue.

Dont tell them you heard it from us but it is possible to get really cheap space for your next event. With a little research, you’d be surprised to know you can rent abandoned warehouses or spaces for sale. Create a new ambiance for guests with a rustic, vintage vibe. If that doesn’t workout for you, try our friends at Peerspace for affordable venues. You can definitely save a buck or two with them as well.

What are some hacks you’ve tried that worked?

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