Ep. 2: How To Pivot As A Vendor

On the next episode of The Checklist, we spoke with Curt Johnson of Four Moon Productions, about “How To Pivot As A Vendor.” He broke down his experience with his company pivoting early in the game and how it has helped them stay afloat.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • The future of events and how it will impact vendors
  • The ups and downs of pivoting into the digital world as a vendor
  • Tips to transition into virtual events

Listen to the full episode here:

About Curt Johnson

Curt Johnson is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. He relocated to Las Vegas where he began his career in events as a driver transporting production equipment. Twenty years later, after working in various positions in the A/V field, he currently serves as the National Sales Director for Four Moon Productions. Using his knowledge of all facets of the corporate production industry, he assists his clients with meeting their needs big or small. He has developed and produced many groundbreaking events touting locations around the globe with thousands of attendees, managing everything from break out rooms to general sessions and each small detail in between. Bringing his talents to the tech space, Curt has had the pleasure of partnering with Four Moon’s host of clients among them Zoom, Blavity, Great Place to Work, and Afrotech to name a few. In his spare time Curt enjoys dancing, quality time with family, and anything that involves great food. 

About Four Moon Productions

Four Moon Productions is a full-service audio/visual production company. From set design and content creation to streaming and everything in between, Four Moon is a one-stop solution for live corporate events. Four Moon is a completely mobile production company, servicing all corners of the globe. Learn more at: https://www.fourmoon.com/

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