28 Black-Owned Vendors You Should Work With [FULL LIST]

As we closeout Black History Month, we leave you with a presentation from August Spree on “Intentional Inclusion: Creating More Opportunity for Diversity in Vendors” that first aired at The Vendor Summit 2021. 

This session is particularly important this month because it reminds planners and organizers of ways to change our thinking and be intentional about seeking out vendors and businesses owned by historically marginalized people for the purpose of building and supporting a diverse community.

Watch the full session below and check out our list of black-owned vendor recommendations. This is just a reference list to get you started but hopefully gets you thinking in the right direction. For more black-owned vendors to work with, visit our marketplace. 

Service Vendors

  1. Chef David Stample

    David Stample is a trained chef and certified Reiki practitioner who believes in the healing power of food. Throughout his career, David has been guided by the idea of “culinary philanthropy,” his belief that food is a powerful medium through which we can take care of ourselves and others. His passion for community involvement and bringing people together around the table has informed his work as a chef and culinary instructor, as well as in food banks, and other nonprofit organizations and purpose-driven food brands.

  2. Venue56 Event Spaces

    Venue 56 is a rich, elegant facility that can be used for: Weddings, Family Reunions, Class Reunions, Retirement Parties, Corporate functions, Church Services, training classes, and Concerts

  3. Fansub

    Fansub is an all-in-one tool for fan engagement, live streaming, and event ticketing. Fansub was founded in Atlanta in 2020 as the simplest way for creators and organizers to create special, ticketed experiences for their fans — no matter where they are in the world.

  4. Pink Sugar Vegan Cupcakery

    PinkSugar is a vegan cupcakery preparing cupcakes fresh to order! All of our cupcakes are deliciously prepared fresh to order using all-natural, plant based, vegan ingredients. We refrain from using any dairy, and animal by products in our desserts!

  5. Kamon Sheriff

    Kamon Sherriff is an Atlanta-based visual artist; painter, illustrator, and designer. Throughout his life, Kamon has always had an interest in drawing and creating. But after suffering a spinal cord injury in 2010 while in school for software engineering, he found himself with a lot more time to focus on art. After a journey into creating music, Kamon has settled into and found his purpose through creating visual artwork.

  6. Melas Media

    Melas Media, LLC. is an innovatively ground-breaking media production company created in 2010 under the Melas division of Myriad Entertainment Group, LLC. Boasting a diverse portfolio of photography, video production, and design projects, Melas Media is poised to be one of the world’s cutting edge media companies. Centered around developing captivating creative content and high definition videos with high quality special fx, Melas Media caters to all industries looking for effective and strategic marketing campaigns.

  7. Pretty Luxe Picnics

    Pretty Luxe Picnics & Affairs Atlanta is a full service luxury picnic company, that specializes in creating luxurious and upscale picnics settings and beautiful table-scapes for any gathering, whether large or intimate. We love nothing more than creating beautiful designs for each of our clients, from a sophisticated high-class afternoon tea picnic with the girls to a romantic & intimate evening that ignites the love between two people.

  8. Ideal Media

    As a DJ/Audio-Visual Technician/Music Producer, DJ-HD can creatively combine Sound, Lighting, and Video to get you the outcome that you’re in search of.   “My aim is to combine skill, technology, interactivity, fun, and quality to provide a professional service for all of my clients. Being passionate about the craft of DJ’ing, assisting others with their important moments, and getting a kick out of seeing people have fun, is what makes this the best profession (for me anyway).

  9. TableMade

    TableMade is your one stop shop for all your entertaining needs. Our assortment is expansive and unique. We have everything from 24K lined charger plates to specialty dyed glassware. Simply rent from our collection of curated collections and return once the party is over! So, call an old friend. Treat your loved one to an at-home dinner for two or dream up the most amazing tablescape at your reception. Bring together the gals, or guys, and reconnect at the table.

  10. Machee Creates

    Machee Creates is a creative business owned by Machee Kelly. Machee is a Washington DC native and creative enthusiast.  Since her youth, creating has been her passion. In high school, she would design fashion illustrations and transform them into garments, but soon realized she enjoyed illustrating more than sewing textiles. Her entrepreneurial journey began in college, as she worked to create extra income for education expenses and her daughter. During that time she focused on print design and

  11. Amarachi Ikeji Photography

    Amara Ikeji, the woman behind the lens of Amarachi Ikeji Photography, first picked up a camera during a fashion internship in college and hasn’t put one down since. She serves clients in New York City, Philadelphia, and Europe and strives to capture “stylish moments of love and beauty.” She has been featured BRIDES, New York Times & more and was also named Best Wedding Photographer in America by Brides.

  12. Get Plated

    GetPlated is locally owned by a husband and wife team: Keyon & Alexandria Hammond! This duo shares a love for the kitchen and family. Keyon is the leader of the squad, a classically trained chef with an edge that brings bold flavors, refinement, approachability and more than 12 years experience as a platinum country club chef.

  13. The Jam Band

    The Jam Band is a Port Saint Lucie, FL-based wedding band that services the coasts of Florida and beyond. Owner Jamilia Anderson, otherwise known as Jamilia Hall, started this band in 2013. Since then, this group of talented performers has thrilled wedding guests with a high standard of live musical entertainment.

  14. Sister Fitness

    We are Daneka and Karadai we are 2 sisters and qualified fitness coaches who have come together to bring soca power fitness to you, we run fitness sessions and instruct online to power music that gets people moving.

  15. Party Starter Photo Booth

    We are a photo booth and photo installation company that specializes in brand and corporate events.  The company is run by a photographer who has a high level of attention to details, highly organized, with the creative expertise to develop the best photo experience for your event. We have digital booths, virtual booths, printing booths, event photography, and 360 video booths.

  16. Encaptivating Events

    Encaptivating venue is perfect for: Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Corporate Meetings, Pop Up Shops, Private Dinners, Rehearsal Dinner Tailgate party, Wedding Reception, Wedding Ceremony and so much more!

  17. Axum Creative

    Great photographers visually reflect truth, inform or educate audiences by making images which provoke thought and promote “Life-Stylized” as well as narratives of hope, beauty and culture rather than highlight ugliness or mockery. Axum Creative is for community-conscious businesses using social-first strategies to redefine the negative visual landscape, represent identity and cultivate community. We champion advocacy for equity in education, entertainment and social justice sectors by crafting distinct photographic images which result in positively shifting societal perceptions of the mis-represented.

  18. Nina Lei Images

    Lesia is a freelance photographer beginning her journey on September 1, 2018. She has been an integral part of grand openings, engagement sessions, graduations, maternity shoots, etc. where the clients are most full of JOY! We pride ourselves on quality customer service and lightening fast return on images.

  19. Quinn Conyers Emcee Extraordinaire

    Quinn Conyers has over 16 years of in-person and virtual public speaking and event hosting experience. She has served as an engaging Event Emcee for organizations such as Nike, Tedx, Black Speakers Network, Maryland Public Television annual Women’s Conference, and the Better Business Bureau to name a few. Quinn’s superpower is her E-Factor which includes a beautiful blend of Energy, Engagement, and Excitement resulting in the transformation of an average event into an epic experience.

  20. Acute Inflections

    A velvety mix of Erykah Badu & Billie Holiday paired with the cool grooves of her 007 on bass” is how one reviewer described Acute Inflections, New York’s sultry duo led by a former Broadway singer. They can often be found entertaining their clients (United Nations, Mercedes-Benz, etc.) at high-end events across the country. They have shared the stage with Jennifer Hudson, Keith Urban, and other notable artists at some of these events. Their albums are always favorites on the jazz charts, and their shows are both fun and enchanting. Just prepare yourself, because these sassy artists love engaging their audiences!

  21. Innovative Specialty Gifts, LTD.

    Promotional Products are tools used to market, create visibility and generate conversation about a Brand. Branding is about what you’re known for and who you are.  It’s about the style in which you market yourself and how your distinct from everyone else.  Think of a Corporate Gift as not just a gift but an investment in your Brand! Unlike other advertising media, Promotional Products are much more than simply a way to publicize a business or Brand. Their physical presence and long-lasting usefulness increase recipients’ engagement with the team, reinforcing the logo or message through multiple impressions.

Marketplace Vendors

  1. Nywele Luxe

    Nywele Luxe is a luxury haircare company where your crown is our inspiration. We believe that there is a better, easier, and more affordable way to keep your protective styles and natural hair preserved, fresh, and most importantly long-lasting with our long bonnets, shower caps, and refresher kits. Our hair products refresh, soothe, stimulate and speak to all senses.
  2. Forever PRG

    Make customizable metal tumblers, keychains, pens, and badge holders. I make bariatric gowns that are customizable w/the option to add vinyl images 3D mask and scrub caps

  3. Leap Forward Publishing, LLC

    We are a black and woman owned book publisher dedicated to developing and promoting books with a focus on diversity and inclusion. We also offer self-publishing coaching services.

  4. The Emerald Effect Co.

    The Emerald Effect Co. was started from a love a crafting and creativity. The month of May is near and dear to my family. From this an EMERALD was born. The Emerald is a symbol of inspiration, patience, embodies unity, compassion & unconditional love. Wouldn’t you like to experience The Emerald Effect?

  5. Diane’s Dazzle

    Diane’s Dazzle sells beautiful 100% nickel and lead-free Paparazzi jewelry, that will make your heart glow with happiness.

  6. Mommies Beauty

    Mommies Beauty is the creator and maker of the organic rice water, hair oil, shampoo and conditioner.  Made with love and care,  our products ensures and promotes blood circulation and hair growth.

  7. Oil On My Hands’

    Oil On My Hands’ creates organic ingredient items to soothe the body and soul. Organic ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond Oil to name a few that will help nourish and moisturize your skin with their natural properties. Oil On My Hands’ products are handmade with love for every “Beautifully Flawed” person!   We hope that you love our organic-made to order products just as much as our family and friends.

Ways to support these vendors: 

  • Book them for an upcoming event. 
  • Refer them to an organizer or agency that plans events. 
  • Follow, like and share their work. 
  • If you’ve worked with them, leave them a review.
  • If they are product based, buy something! 
  • Invite them to speak, sponsor or vend at your event where they can meet potential clients and customers.

These are just a few examples but there are several ways to support. Let’s be more intentional with our vendor relationships and help make events a more inclusive industry. 

Ep. 2: How To Pivot As A Vendor

On the next episode of The Checklist, we spoke with Curt Johnson of Four Moon Productions, about “How To Pivot As A Vendor.” He broke down his experience with his company pivoting early in the game and how it has helped them stay afloat.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • The future of events and how it will impact vendors
  • The ups and downs of pivoting into the digital world as a vendor
  • Tips to transition into virtual events

Listen to the full episode here:

About Curt Johnson

Curt Johnson is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. He relocated to Las Vegas where he began his career in events as a driver transporting production equipment. Twenty years later, after working in various positions in the A/V field, he currently serves as the National Sales Director for Four Moon Productions. Using his knowledge of all facets of the corporate production industry, he assists his clients with meeting their needs big or small. He has developed and produced many groundbreaking events touting locations around the globe with thousands of attendees, managing everything from break out rooms to general sessions and each small detail in between. Bringing his talents to the tech space, Curt has had the pleasure of partnering with Four Moon’s host of clients among them Zoom, Blavity, Great Place to Work, and Afrotech to name a few. In his spare time Curt enjoys dancing, quality time with family, and anything that involves great food. 

About Four Moon Productions

Four Moon Productions is a full-service audio/visual production company. From set design and content creation to streaming and everything in between, Four Moon is a one-stop solution for live corporate events. Four Moon is a completely mobile production company, servicing all corners of the globe. Learn more at: https://www.fourmoon.com/

Meet Our Vendors: Kea Beverages

July 2, 2018 

Just outside of Vendorspace’s Eventology, there stood a a bike, with a black cooler tied to the front and a crate proclaiming the name Kea Beverages on the back. Today there were three main beverages on the menu, each made with fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, mint and lime, orange, pineapple, and carrot, and finally blackberry, thyme, and lemonade, were the ingredients that made up the three beverages that were that day. Eagerly saying to those passing by, “come on try some!”, they were able to encourage almost everyone at the event to try out their great beverages.

The team of Keaton Hong and Sean Keating were the ones who were able to provide these great beverages for those who were at the event. After the event I was a able to ask some questions about their venture as being vendors. “it was something that we loved to”, stated Keaton ,with Sean looking on in agreement, “trying out different combinations” was also something that they found compelling in being a beverage vendor. The love and passion that they two have for this venture is easily seen. This passion would also come along with several learning points, as Sean would go on to state,” I have learned a lot about beverages since starting.” With this he was able to explain the various processes  of making the drinks, how they go about storing them, and even to the health benefits that each ingredient contains for the drinker.

For the future, the two stated they would hope to expand their business venture, and would eventually like to sell their products in store. Saying this, the two stated that they were also able to get a local cafe to sell their beverages. In the future I hope these two will expand, With a great product, these two have the potential to become a great staple in the culture of Atlanta. In closing, if you ever get the chance to run into Keaton and Sean, making sure that you are able to get one of their great Kea beverages.

Website: https://www.keabev.com/

Instagram: @kea.atl

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keaatl

A Thankful Review

Hey Vendorspace Family!

Happy 2019! Last year was quite the ride for us. We were focused on finding our position in the market and building out our platform (which is coming very very soon!) We even received an award in Cali! ( Can you believe our little startup is making noise!? ha!). Here’s our top 5 favorite moments from 2018:

1. Atlanta Tech Edge TV Segment

2. Named 2018 Female TechTrender at FestForums in Santa Barbara

3. Hangin’ out with the team

4. ATV It Takes A Village Graduation

5. Kicking off Eventology with the local event community

It’s such a blessing to see the growth of the company. Thank you to everyone that has ever mentioned us to a friend, referred us to an opportunity or simply googled us and signed up on the spot. We wouldn’t have made it this far with your support.

There’s so much lined up for the year! We have more great events and partnerships to be announced in the coming weeks.

Let’s make 2019 amazing.

Til the next event,

Ify Ifebi & The Vendorspace Team