Planning a Holiday Party in 1–2–3

So your co-worker just started playing her holiday playlist, and five minutes later you find out that you’re in charge of planning your job’s holiday party. Your only experience with planning parties was for your niece’s 2nd birthday. What do you do? Well, fear not, Vendorspace has you covered.

In three simple steps, you can plan your corporate party!

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Sign up as an event organizer.

Step 3: Search for your vendors.

Suggested vendors for a corporate party:

DJ:  You’re going to want great music to get the party started. Sure you can rely on your Tidal playlist, but there’s nothing like a good ole fashion hype man.

Caterer:  Good food can make or break your party. The rule of thumb is if there will be alcohol, then you should have food.

Photobooth:  Usually the purpose of a corporate party is to create a team bonding experience while also allowing everyone to feel more comfortable than usual. A photo booth helps to capture the experience while also sharing the fun on social media.

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