Meet Our Vendors: Kea Beverages

July 2, 2018 

Just outside of Vendorspace’s Eventology, there stood a a bike, with a black cooler tied to the front and a crate proclaiming the name Kea Beverages on the back. Today there were three main beverages on the menu, each made with fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Watermelon, mint and lime, orange, pineapple, and carrot, and finally blackberry, thyme, and lemonade, were the ingredients that made up the three beverages that were that day. Eagerly saying to those passing by, “come on try some!”, they were able to encourage almost everyone at the event to try out their great beverages.

The team of Keaton Hong and Sean Keating were the ones who were able to provide these great beverages for those who were at the event. After the event I was a able to ask some questions about their venture as being vendors. “it was something that we loved to”, stated Keaton ,with Sean looking on in agreement, “trying out different combinations” was also something that they found compelling in being a beverage vendor. The love and passion that they two have for this venture is easily seen. This passion would also come along with several learning points, as Sean would go on to state,” I have learned a lot about beverages since starting.” With this he was able to explain the various processes  of making the drinks, how they go about storing them, and even to the health benefits that each ingredient contains for the drinker.

For the future, the two stated they would hope to expand their business venture, and would eventually like to sell their products in store. Saying this, the two stated that they were also able to get a local cafe to sell their beverages. In the future I hope these two will expand, With a great product, these two have the potential to become a great staple in the culture of Atlanta. In closing, if you ever get the chance to run into Keaton and Sean, making sure that you are able to get one of their great Kea beverages.


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