5 Reasons Your Brand Should Do More Events

Entrepreneurs start businesses to be leaders in their industries. 

They do their research, gain competitive advantage, and position their brand to stand out from the pack. 

However, while this approach may get you started out on the right foot it doesn’t ensure your long-term success. 

To be successful long-term you need to take care of your existing customers, continually invite new ones into your orbit, and solve communication and organizational issues along the way. Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some fun and enjoy your work while you’re at it!

Luckily, engaging in events can take care of all of this. 

If you haven’t thought about what events could do for your brand, here are five benefits they can offer. 

Events Gather Your Tribe For a Common Cause

Cambridge dictionary loosely defines a tribe as “a large family or other group that
someone belongs to”. For our sake, let’s think of your customers as your tribe. 

When your tribe comes out to support your event they make face-to-face
connections, not only between your team and them but also between each
other. This builds camaraderie and gets people speaking the same language, which in
turn builds trust in your brand and a stronger collective identity.  

Tribes with a strong collective identity work hard to make sure they all survive and thrive.

Events Create An Opportunity To Grow Your Tribe

Tribes grow every day. You don’t need to be born into one to join one. And it’s no secret
that larger tribes dominate society and the global marketplace. 

When you contribute to events that speaks to more than your already established
following, it creates an opportunity to gain new followers.

These newbies can test out your brand through the event experience and, if impressed,
they will surely sign up to be part of your family. 

But don’t worry, for those you are still unsure about you after spending a few hours with
your brand, you can always ask them for their email address to send them more
Information later. 

Events Leverage Your Brand’s Creativity And Resourcefulness

Events show both newcomers and existing customers what your brand is capable of.
From creative decorations to creative collaborations, they use their occurance to bring
teams together and bring out the best in one another.  

Every tribe needs to evolve and that comes through new ideas and experiences. Events
are the perfect way to either test these out or reinforce the ones you already have. 

When your team develops your brand gets a boost, making it strategically
advantageous to better compete with your competitors.  

Events Create Buzz

Everybody wants to hang with the cool kids. And in this day of social media, your event
can show everyone just how cool your brand is. From live streams to event pics, video
clips to good ole’ fashion word-of-mouth marketing, events create a buzz for you that
is simply invaluable. 

They get people talking about your brand and wanting to get in on the action. This can
not only attract new clients but also help to keep the ones you already have. Moreover,
both segments can provide you with valuable customer feedback, all at the fraction of
your traditional marketing budget. 

Events Can Generate Revenue For You

All businesses want to make money. When you have an event you are literally inviting money into your domain and asking it to stay. 

Whether you upsell, meet future business partners, or cater to returning customers, events are a great way to keep attracting money to your brand. 

Events Are Fun! (BONUS)

Businesses want to make money, maybe even better the world, but more than anything they want to enjoy the work they do.   

If you have ever organized an event you know that the planning stage can be gruesome. But there is nothing like seeing all of your hard work come to fruition. 

Smiling faces. Affirmative handshakes. Meeting new people and showing appreciation to those who have supported you from day one. 

Events are the best way to party with a purpose. 

All in all, whether you book an online or in-person event, they can provide great value to your brand. Not only can you make money, grow your tribe, and impress your existing family members, you can also get a lot of enjoyment out of them! 

What event do you plan to take part in next? Let us know in the comments below.