3 Reasons Why It’s Hard To Find Marketplace Vendors

If you’re planning a marketplace, trade show or expo, chances are you may need some extra help filling your booths. Even the biggest of conferences and festivals still invest time and effort into recruiting the right vendors for their big event.

There are so many factors to consider when hunting for exhibitors: Do they fit the theme of the event?  Are they the right fit for our audience? Are they offering a similar service or product to an exhibitor we already have? and so forth and so on. With so much to plan on your plate, sometimes your vendor advertising falls short and here are a few reasons why:

  1. You don’t know where to find them. 

 Marketplace vendors are businesses that want to sell or share their products with your audience. They’re not sitting around on Instagram waiting for your event. You have to find them. Sometimes that means discovering them at another event, or connecting with them in a LinkedIn group. Try thinking outside the box to locate your ideal vendor. 

  1. You’re sharing your event in the wrong places.

Because you don’t know where to find them, you’re probably putting your event in all the wrong places. While it makes sense to advertise your exhibitor and booth opportunities on ticket sites, that’s just what they are — ticket sites. Majority of the traffic is from attendees that want to buy a ticket to attend, not to buy a $500 booth. There may be times where you get lucky but other times, you may get frustration days before your event.

  1. You’re not offering mutual benefits. 

Let’s be honest, vendors are the real life of the party and they can bring energy and excitement to any space. So start treating them as such! Is your pricing fair for vendors? Can they recoup the money spent on your booth while they’re at your event? Will they get the traffic they need to secure a potential client? Vendors invest in your event; you should invest in their experience and make sure its worth it. The right package thats valuable and affordable will never be denied!

Next time you’re in a bind looking for vendors, here are some steps you can consider: 

  • Start with past events that are similar to yours. Exhibitors will be more receptive to joining your event since they’ve already done one like it.
  • Think like a vendor. Search unique groups on Facebook, Meetup, LinkedIn or even local organizations that share the interests of your vendors.
  • Post your event on Vendorspace. The easiest choice of them all 🙂 Our platform is designed to connect you with the right vendors in the right area that actually have interest in your event. No guessing whether they’ll be a good fit because we vet every vendor on your behalf. Just post your event and watch the bids come in.

If you have a marketplace event coming up and need some help finding vendors, sign up for a free account and start getting matched with vendors today!