Ep. 2: How To Pivot As A Vendor

On the next episode of The Checklist, we spoke with Curt Johnson of Four Moon Productions, about “How To Pivot As A Vendor.” He broke down his experience with his company pivoting early in the game and how it has helped them stay afloat.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • The future of events and how it will impact vendors
  • The ups and downs of pivoting into the digital world as a vendor
  • Tips to transition into virtual events

Listen to the full episode here:

About Curt Johnson

Curt Johnson is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. He relocated to Las Vegas where he began his career in events as a driver transporting production equipment. Twenty years later, after working in various positions in the A/V field, he currently serves as the National Sales Director for Four Moon Productions. Using his knowledge of all facets of the corporate production industry, he assists his clients with meeting their needs big or small. He has developed and produced many groundbreaking events touting locations around the globe with thousands of attendees, managing everything from break out rooms to general sessions and each small detail in between. Bringing his talents to the tech space, Curt has had the pleasure of partnering with Four Moon’s host of clients among them Zoom, Blavity, Great Place to Work, and Afrotech to name a few. In his spare time Curt enjoys dancing, quality time with family, and anything that involves great food. 

About Four Moon Productions

Four Moon Productions is a full-service audio/visual production company. From set design and content creation to streaming and everything in between, Four Moon is a one-stop solution for live corporate events. Four Moon is a completely mobile production company, servicing all corners of the globe. Learn more at: https://www.fourmoon.com/

4 Ways To Use Vendorspace

If you’re new to Vendorspace, you might not be aware of all the ways our platform could benefit your business. 

Here are some helpful tips to get you started: 

Find vendors you need for your event.

From DJs to videographers, Vendorspace is an online hub of geo-friendly vendors eager to assist your event. Our vendors are asked to set up full profiles to help you vet the right partner for you. You can view their event history, products or services, and check customer reviews. This will help you feel confident trusting our vendors because our community was built to support events. No matter your city or state, you can count on Vendorspace to provide a local directory of vendors to make your event successful.

Tip for Vendors: Fill in as much info as possible to make your profile stand out! It’s a lot easier to know whether you’re the right fit for an event if they know what you can do.


Find events to participate in as a vendor

Searching ticketing sites and social media is a thing of the past! Now you can use Vendorspace to find events that cater to you. 

Interested in a women’s event targeting a specific age range? You can find it here. 

What about a conference for startup entrepreneurs? We have that, too. 

If you’re looking for the best online events to vend at right now, you’ve come to the right place.

Vendors now have access to a database of events that lists vendor opportunities in any city, based on audience, date, type of event, and vendor fees. Next time you’re looking for an event  to sell your services or support your company’s new marketing campaign, try Vendorspace! 

Tips for Vendors: If you still have questions about the event, shoot the organizer a message! You can easily chat with an event organizer before confirming your spot in the event. 

Stay booked with Gigs-On-Demand

We’re living in a gig society. Work is not as stable as it used to be so sometimes business slows down. Luckily, you can stay flexible and find work in the events sector with our new feature,  Gigs-On-Demand

This feature allows vendors to offer services to organizers who need a vendor in a hurry. The vendor gets to keep working and the organizer is able to save their event by adding a qualified vendor. It’s a win-win. 

For vendors looking to stay booked this feature is your best friend. You could waste time on search engines and general listing sites or become the hero to organizers who are desperately seeking you out. 

Tips For Vendors: Check back often! Since the life of events can be so unpredictable, someone is always looking for a vendor to step at the last minute. That vendor could be you!

Monetize your event.

After tickets and sponsorship, vendors are the #1 way to monetize your events. With vendors, you have an opportunity to reach a specific audience in one place and brands want to take advantage of that. We created the platform for you to connect with them. 

The same way you’d set up your event to sell tickets is the same way you’d set up your event on Vendorspace to sell vendor opportunities. From booths to signage, you can now directly market your exhibitor and advertising options to your target vendors. 

Tip for Organizers: Clearly outline all the opportunities you have available at your event. There’s no limit on how many you can add. If you have a lot to offer, just submit your website link or deck and our team can help you get set up. 

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of doing business on Vendorspace. We are the world’s top platform to connect vendors and event organizers online. Our mission is to help make great events happen. Now more than ever, we are committed to helping event professionals monetize their events and get back to business amid COVID-19.

Create a free account today to learn how we can help you create or participate in an awesome event!