Ep. 1: How To Attract Money To Your Events

We’re so excited to introduce our new podcast, The Checklist, where we talk with event experts about the state of event culture and tips to elevate your next event.

On our first episode, we spoke with Enovia Bedford of Vettdeck, about “How To Attract Money To Your Events.” She broke down the do’s and don’ts of exploring sponsorship with the current state of events and how that applies to attracting money for your online events.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • The most important things to include in your sponsorship deck
  • The best time to approach a sponsor (considering the sponsorship cycle)
  • How to find the right brands to work with for your event

Listen to the full episode here. Other ways to listen: Youtube | Soundcloud | iTunes

You can learn more about Enovia by following her on Instagram: @novey.b @vettdeck  

About Vettdeck

Vettdeck is a sponsorship matching platform that simplifies and streamlines the sponsorship process for event organizers and brands. Visit them online at: www.vettdeck.com